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Here, the organic farming has been practiced since always and since 1995, it has also been certified.
The vineyard is part of a larger, self-sufficient and balanced ecological system. A system that also consists of leguminous plants and green manure herbage, such as hairy vetch, field beans and peas.
The soil is fed exclusively with organic fertilizer, minimizing the use of copper.
All this is far away from any urban zone.
Around Collestefano there's only countryside.

Harvesting is done exclusively by hand.
The harvest is a celebration shared with university students who help the Marchionni family.

Wine cellar
A new wine cellar, which allows to carry out all the major operations in proper sequence, following traditional winemaking techniques and with the utmost respect for the original product.
And with a minimal use of sulfur dioxide, far less than permitted under the terms of the law.

Besides marketing, we nurture a friendly relationship with employees and customers.
We aim to maximize profit while keeping prices reasonable.
We aspire to produce wines with a price-value ratio that has few rivals.

Beyond the myth of duty and the decadent drift of the pleasure as consumption of money, we intend work as a synthesis of duty and pleasure.
Working while having fun, having fun working, expressing one’s own talent and morality.
In fact, being one’s own person.